May 6


So everybody is screaming social media is KING. Many dealers are on the bandwagon & many say its ROI is a waste of time. So where does the rubber meet the road? Let’s take a look at a few things.

First let’s see what says about unique visitors to these popular social media websites each month.

Facebook YouTube Twitter Stats

300 Million Unique Visitors a month between , , and is nothing to scoff at, but dealerships don’t care about visitors they care about car sales.  So here in lies the issue for most dealerships. The communication paradigm shift occurring worldwide between generations is changing the fundamentals of human communication. Generation Y is now the largest living generation and they are the head of this spear. Generation Y is not only the largest generation but they are now posing the most significant buying influence on their baby boomer parents (the second largest living generation).  Generation Y has been shaped and raised by Social Media & Cell Phones as their dominant communication media.

Let’s take a simple stupid approach to defining Social Media. The definition of Social according to is seeking or enjoying the companionship of others. Media the plural of medium has a definition as such: a means of conveying something. So essentially, Social Media is seeking companionship with others by conveying information. The cross hairs can be aimed at a plethora of different strategies in this field. Retaining customers and finding new customers are definitely the two basic strategies used by most dealers.

Once you have understood what Social Media is and what your strategy is for utilizing results from Social Media; the next event is understanding how to effectively communicate for the maximum response. Considering the average American is bombarded with several hundred ads a day you may want to skip the hard sell’em “Biggest Sale! $500 dollars off everything” every five minutes. Social interaction is great for creating a personal relationship while building and/or reinforcing your reputation with your fan base. What kinds of things can you talk about? Hot topics like Gas prices, Family Safety, Car Reviews, Dealership Personnel, and any other intriguing topic of use are great conversation starters and reputation builders.

As you can see you don’t need to be a guru to be in Social Media. All you need to do is be a great communicator and a great conversationalist.  Step one is making sure your setup is channeling to all the proper permanent channels. It is a common complaint for dealerships to lose usernames, passwords, & settings in the ever changing car environment.  There is nothing worse than having a great tool and a great digital record of your reputation go stale after poor management of information.  You can setup these accounts yourself or have an experienced company such as Dealer Specialties of South Carolina direct you to the proper consultants.  Either way, don’t delay get started today!

Be on the lookout as we discuss more Social Media information in blog posts to come.

May 5

From the dealer perspective, sometimes when battling budgets and many different factors, it is easy to say well lets just do the stock photos, one new civic photo is as good as the next.  But with the tons of information on the Internet the customers are looking for the real thing and leaving little to chance.  Actual Photos with Actual Hand-picked Options are immensely important!

With 80-95% of New Car Buyers doing their research and initial shopping online it is important to understand their motivations.  I’m just going to Hit the Highlights below, but feel free to give us a call or drop us a line if you want more on this:

  1. What is Real, Here & Now?

    Considering the endless choice at the fingertips of internet users, they aren’t wondering what you could get ordered for them.  Stock Photos are like a blow-up doll version of your spouse, they don’t speak many words to the consumer.  If pictures are worth a thousand words then stock photos are worth about 50 words..  90%+ of new car shoppers prefer actual photos according to KBB, and Actual Options are every bit as important.  Dealers who we’ve watched track the difference have seen a 2-3 fold increase in Internet conversions in as little as a month or two.

  2. The Internet is Not Control

    In the past people were happy to be able to get hold of information, and it wasn’t nearly as easy and efficient as it is today.  Everyone is researching before they buy, checking products and experiences from friends or otherwise.  The more information you provide the consumer to show them why they should buy and give them the confidence they know what they are buying, the more you will sell.  Such comes not only the importance of great content, but also Social Media Permeation and Reputation Management.

    In trying to meeting the Consumer Research needs, while still maintaining customers on your site, you now find several “3rd Parties” referenced on dealer websites trying to build confidence whether it be BBB Seals, PureCars Independent Research Reports, Dealer Reviews, and New Car Consumer Reports.  Give the customer everything they could ever want to know and understand about their purchase and they will gain the confidence to make the next step with you, because they are perceiving confidence, fairness, and value.

  3. Here is a quick video that we made a while back that says pretty much the same thing, but times are still moving forward and the emperical data and dealers that are becoming statistics continue to get more and more persuasive than when we made this video as the market finalizes its shifting with new generation consumers.

    Watch Our Video on Why New Car Photos?

Mar 11

There are more social media sites out there than you can count, but the great thing is the audience is mega. Are you ready for the challenge? Mashable – SM Rules of Engagement

Get out there! Your Business, Your Professional Profile, Everything.

Check out the Metrics of how Social & SEM Relate:

Think it’s just a fad?  Think again!

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